*Closed @@@
@@-- see you next time!

It is time for us to close this chapter on Emerald Cove. Ashley and I are closing Emerald Cove to new applicants.

It won’t be closed to current members but any admin advances on the plot are now stopping. All of our current members are so welcome to keep playing and creating plots within each other, we aren’t going to discourage it. But we only ask that any character we’ve written, that you please not take them anywhere as your character. If you had an OC that was brought into the game, they are all yours and we won’t take credit. But our written characters, we want to stay here. That is all we ask.

We thank everyone who joined and left us and left their marks upon our game. We are grateful for all of you and we’re glad for those who stuck with us to the end and those who were here for a blink of time.

We wish everyone the best! And who knows, maybe we’ll see you around some other time. It’s been one hell of a year with this game and you all. Thanks for the memories!

xo, Kat & Ash.